Location Based Mobile Solutions & Apps Development.

Location-Based-Mobile-SolutionsIn Today’s world, location and navigation is the core of Mobile applications. It would be easy to find anything near by you whether it is some places, restaurants, hospitals or your friends. Every business needs mobile apps to easily get vast number of customers. Its becoming huge in Marketing area for every business. Samcom Technobrains provides you the best location based solutions according to your needs and business requirements. Location based mobile applications can promote your business based on user’s location and preferences.


GPS Integration:

GPS-IntegrationUsing the location based services drivers would be able to view speed and location details. External hardware devices can be integrated with driver’s smart phones through which, it would be feasible to find the real time update through phone GPS. This would be quite helpful to the drivers on getting timely information and making appropriate decisions.

Enterprise Fleet Management:

Enterprise-Fleet-ManagementUsing our Mobile fleet management solutions, renters can easily keep a track of the vehicles. Leveraging the location based solutions; organizations can minimize the vehicle investment risks, improve efficiency and productivity, and can effectively reduce the fuel cost and overall transportation cost. Drivers can easily find the nearest maintenance vendor and complete the work on time.

Need to know:

Transportation and logistics mobile solutions prove to be beneficial to reduce the overall expenses incurred and increase efficiency of the workforce which results in enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

Key Benefits of using mobile solutions for transportation are:

  • Organize and plan logistics operations efficiently
  • Deliver goods without damage and within time and budget limits
  • Enhance business performance and foster business growth