Why do we use it?

Karan Parmar

Wordrpess Developer

WordPress 6.0 Arturo is here and, as usual, we peeked behind the curtains to give our readers a preview of what’s new with the latest WordPress major release.

Let’s say right away that, if WordPress 5.9 brought us to the heart of Phase 2 of Gutenberg, WordPress 6.0 aims to consolidate the customization tools already available.

But the new version isn’t just that. As Matias Ventura pointed out in the Preliminary Roadmap for 6.0, the introduction of the site editor marked a big milestone but also just a first step in the journey.

WordPress 6.0 brings significant improvements in several areas of the CMS, from usability to performance, including the following:

Improved information architecture and template browsing experience
Improved template creation
New hooks
Webfonts API
A new Browse Mode for the site editor
Alternative Global Styles
An enhanced Navigation block
New design tools
Improved performance
And much more…

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