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Yoga Time

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YogaTime is an app that brings yoga students, teachers, and hosts together in a unique and new way. How does it work? First, everyone who downloads and installs the app can search available yoga classes by date/time, teacher or location, but you'll be required to create an account to register for any open classes. Once you register and login, you'll be able to apply to become a teacher or host or both. Simply navigate to the "Account" page and select "Switch Account" and select "Teacher" or "Host" and you'll be able to apply to become a teacher or host. So everyone starts as a student and anyone can register for any open classes, but if you want to become a teacher or host you'll need to apply through the "Switch Account" option. How can I become a YogaTime teacher? A YogaTime teacher is anybody who wants to teach a yoga class at any of the open time/location slots. Once you apply to become a teacher you'll either be accepted, declined or we'll require additional information. Once approved, navigate back to the "Switch Account" option and select teacher. Then you can navigate to the home page and search open time slots. Once you find a slot you want to fill, select it and enter the class details such as class type, level and enter a short description. What is a YogaTime Host? A YogaTime Host is anybody that wants to host a class. You don't need to take the class as a student and you don't need to be a teacher. Hosts only need to have a space to comfortably accommodate a class. Hosts can be villa occupants, restaurants or beach clubs or anywhere else for that matter. How do I become a YogaTime Host? After creating an account, navigate to the "Accounts" section and select "Switch Account" then select "Host" and you'll be taken through a host application process. Submit everything required in the application and you'll be put into a "Pending" status. We'll review your application and either approve, decline or ask for additional information. Once you are approved as a YogaTime Host, you be able to add slots through your Host profile. You can add as many or as little slots as you like and once you have added available slots then the teacher will be able to search and register those open slots for actual classes. Once a teacher books a slot, your host location is searchable and that slot can be registered by students. Please note we are still in beta and this is an early release. We know that the app is not perfect and we'll be working hard to address any reported issues and fix any bugs with upcoming releases. Thank you for your interest in YogaTime and your support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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