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Advents on Click

Advert On Click is here to assist you in all your media needs. If you have a campaign in mind, all you need to do is set your requirements and the system will take care of your request and provide you with the information you need. Advert On Click is also a great tool for searching for media and finding information about it thus allowing you to plan your next campaign with more clarity.

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“Advert on Click” is one of the first digital online platforms uniting all stakeholders from every nook and cranny of the industry. All media outlets, including broadcast, print, online and OOH from all around the globe are invited to be part of our platform to showcase and promote their advertising spaces and solutions. We are here to help you widen your outreach to advertisers.

Comprehensive Information

An integrated knowledge base that empowers direct advertisers and media buying agencies. The information offered includes, space availability, technical specifications, information about the media outlets as well as rate cards.

Complete Services

You can have the whole marketplace at your fingertips through outreach and unique services that help you get accurate information, transparent comparisons, media plan preparation and media booking ability.

Your Advert Partner

Working with us is an experience for you. If you are an advertising vendor, we help you to reach a larger scale of advertisers, or if you are an advertiser, we will help you find the best offer that meets your requirements, in a timely and cost effective manner. If you are an advertising agency, we will help you build new ties with the advertising vendor and media outlets. Additionally, there are multiple solutions and tools that would enrich the services you offer to your clients. So our clients will get the best service.

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