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XEMI's easy-to-use Logistics as a Service provides a hassle-free way to track shipments, clear customs, and access data in real-time, anywhere.

It is about stays for children whereby, they are provided with multiple activities to perform. The parents/guardians can register their child in a stay for a specific duration and pay for the stay.

CaptainBook is the first in-destination channel manager, connecting tours, activities & experience providers to local travel business such as hotels, airbnb hosts, and travel agencies.

Bina software is a SaaS based web application. It is an intelligent ERP system for managing a business from start to finish. This project covers all types of businesses like Printing and publishing, Ambulances, Customer service providers, Manufacturing plants of all kinds, etc. Bina software offers various kinds of features like sales, purchasing, customer relations, accounting, service management, etc. This system will print, preview, and download all the reports and send it over the mail.

JustBeFlex is the Agile and Collaborative Platform dedicated to the flexibility of working life, which federate the ambitions, the resources, the skills, and the players in the same business line. Experiences are unique, time is precious, and Self-fulfillment growth with sharing.

BTPilot is Admin Panel for salon ecosystem, where associated salons are on boarded from here and can track their performance through this. Salon details, salon editing, staff management can be done. This is much helpful for those salon where they have multiple branches all across places.

Salon inCloud is the Web application where Salons get onboard and they track their customers appointments, staff management, Revenue prediction matrix for selected time period and various things.

Tamkeen plus is all about the SIDF loan process. All process are changed in the dynamic way when the user/officer make changes in the task/loan/project and all other stuff like that.

Pari Press is a text editor designed to produce media-rich publications and teaching sites, allowing users to archive and preserve these digital assets. Invite collaborators to live video chat while co-authoring documents or uploading and managing pictures and videos. Easily share and publish beautiful finished works.

Home Made Easy is for property rent and sale.

SAAS aspires to raise the standard of company to customer communications in private and public sectors across the globe. Providing innovative technology and visual communication's solutions, we specialise in providing all aspects of digital signage solutions, along with the most important part, bespoke development of the screen layout.

Fullblack is an indie studio recently created by 4 passionate people. It has unique position as it works for brands and artists to create 3D immersive experiences, 3D content and produce our own video games.

Patricia One-stop, virtual home design and marketplace.

Provide customers and partners with an innovative and unique tool, in the form of an easily exportable web API, investment decision support.

Selfume is a social media app where users can upload selfies and get connected with their friends and family. It mainly supports two languages, English and Italian. Apart from this, the User can upload the selfie with various options like category, who can view this selfie by age, group, etc. Also, explore the selfie of other users. Display the Selfume index, Category index. Also, integrate the Contest module where the admin can create the contest and people participate. We also implement real time multimedia chat where users can chat internally.

Shopfast POS is a POS application. These applications are working on different types of POS devices like Poynt, ELO, Clover etc. This application is used in retail stores, restaurants, Salons, Service, etc. This application contains different types of features like discounts, coupon codes, customers, products etc.

The PleinAir application was developed to allow painters and painting teachers to upload and share locations for painting and paintings that were created at a specific location. It also allows you to create and schedule PleinAir painting sessions and invite people and friends to join the activities, or join as a participant to other PleinAir sessions

Spacciovino was born from a great passion and is based on a sparkling idea: to enrich your meals with the scent and taste of good wine. Register, consult the product catalog and proceed with the purchase of white and red wines, bubbles, champagne and spirits. Choose the most suitable wine for your special occasions. Spacciovino guarantees safe and fast deliveries. In the territory of Rome, thanks to the fast delivery service, deliveries are made within 4 hours of purchase.

Get only news that you like. Get exclusive content from premium news providers. The app will learn your preference and will collect among thousands of news sources, the most updated and relevant news for you. No more paging between tabs and searching interesting articles. In News.me the articles find you!

YogaTime is an app that brings yoga students, teachers, and hosts together in a unique and new way. How does it work? First, everyone who downloads and installs the app can search available yoga classes by date/time, teacher or location, but you'll be required to create an account to register for any open classes.

Satellite Logistics with historical and list journeys, with customizable alarms satellite operations center on Demand.

Homix Care is a project which will help you to take care of Adult/old age people. You can choose and track your medical conditions like heart rate, meals, blood pressure, temperature, medicines etc.

Application is developed in Flutter and available for Android and iOS. Online grocery application for purchasing vegetables and fruits. Category wise product view. Add your required Items to your shopping list. App provide wallet features to allow payment at cart checkout.

This app is simple and easy to use. App gives anyone the ability to count cards like a pro. This app is unique and different unlike other counting apps in play store. Select number of decks in play from the upside of the main screen. Select dealed cards from left side of the screen. The application calculates the value of the deck. The optimal time to bet is when the "true count" is 1 or higher.

AMYCAB (Happy Travels) is a true service based online car booking portal delivering required car rental services in all major cities in Gujarat, always at the scheduled time. We have an experienced team of having in-depth information about car rental operations, in addition, our team is capable of handling Car rental related problems, be it for the bookings you have made or for any specific transport related issue. We attend your queries with great personal care.

This Bible app contains the King James Version of the Bible, also known as the Authorized Version. Out of the many Bibles to choose from, the KJV is chosen as one of the most read Bibles available worldwide.

XEMI's easy-to-use Logistics as a Service provides a hassle-free way to track shipments, clear customs, and access data in real-time, anywhere.

Intuity is a billing software for the billers and their customers - Using software biller upload bills and customer can view/pay the bills - Biller can view the reports of payments, emails , SMS etc.. and also pay bills behalf of customer - It's made in PHP - Zend framework

Eternitech CRM management system which manages leads, partners, prospect, skills, experts, users, employees, departments, automated messages template, languages, country, roles and permissions. Leads from different source as WhatsApp, email, slack and various other platforms are automatically followed-up by system and leads are qualified, analyzed, and nurtured so that they can be converted into new business opportunities.

Cyberteq enables it’s customers to take full advantage of the latest digital technologies and networks in a secure manner.

Outlery is single-use plastic cutlery online store, built in shopify.

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