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Mobile App Solutions

Samcom Technobrains is a team of top mobile app developers that are highly trained and keep abreast of the current technological trends. Our team collaborates with worldwide corporations to turn ideas into visually attractive and imaginative mobile apps. We have extensive experience and creativity in creating attractive mobile apps for clients all over the world.

Trending Mobile App Development Ideas

  • An Augmented Reality Mobile Application
  • A Music & Video Streaming Mobile Application
  • An IoT-Based Mobile Application
  • An E-learning Mobile Application
  • A Networking Mobile Application
  • A Language & eLearning Mobile Application
  • A Voice Conversion Mobile Application

Stunning & Inventive Technologies For The
WEB & CMS Development

Samcom Technobrains possesses extensive knowledge and creativity in creating outstanding websites and CMS development for a variety of clients globally. Our professionals have a unique viewpoint that allows us to customize web development faster and better. With this website development, the firm functions more smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

Technologies & Services For Web & CMS Development

  • API Development
  • E-commerce & CMS Development
  • Drupal & CakePHP
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Custom Web Development
  • WordPress Web Development

E-commerce Technologies To
Enable Sales Quotient

E-Commerce websites transform businesses and help them expand for future growth. E-Commerce website design and development encompasses all operations aimed at the creation, management, and evolution of a web store. The UX/UI is the E-Commerce website's key factor, and large options attract customers and users.

Expertise in E-Commerce Development Solutions

  • B2B Commerce Solutions
  • E-Commerce App Development
  • Payment Integration
  • Deploy Maintenance (PWA)
  • Custom eCommerce Integration
  • Technology Consulting

Tech-savvy with Ample Knowledge
of AI & ML Expertise

As a Samcom tech partner, you may expand your company's image and video, text-to-speech, business intelligence, data forecasting, natural language processing, and data analytics. With team experience, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are simply inexpensive and accessible. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and is often regarded as the most rapidly expanding commercial technology. AI and machine learning (ML) enables the design of frameworks that help organizations prosper by using real-world information.

Latest AI & ML Inclusions

  • Voice-based AI
  • Chatbots
  • Image Processing
  • Object Recognition
  • Intelligent Document Extraction
  • OCR(Optical Character Recognition)
  • Object Detection
  • Name-entity Recognition
  • Image Labelling
  • Document Labelling

Scattered Device Management With
IoT & Embedded Software

IoT principles emphasize connecting diverse devices to the internet and utilizing smart technologies. It will let devices connect and transmit data, which can then be used for several reasons. IoT data can be linked with advanced analytics to provide organizations with profound insight to enable operations to run smoothly.

Fringe Benefits of IoT Application Development

  • Optimized use of Resources
  • Improved Marketing Automation
  • Enhanced Processes in Complex Scenarios
  • Better Revenue Generation
  • Automated & Optimized Processes
  • Personalize Offering

A Quality & Automation
Engineering Expertise

The Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing services team collaborate closely with the development team to understand the application, its important features, and the requirements for end-to-end software testing of the application or product. We involve with a variety of small and large processes that have provided us with an understanding of the technical landscape, allowing us to offer a team and resources that can add significant value in terms of cost optimization, assisting you in achieving the desired time to market, and, most importantly, the reliability of the build in terms of bug-free performance.

Expertise in QA Testing Solutions

  • SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test)
  • Selenium Testing Experts
  • HPE UFT Testing Experts
  • Katalon Studio Testing Experts
  • Protractor Testing Experts
  • API Testing Experts

Brilliant User Interface (UI) With
Great User Experience (UX)

The overarching goal of our UI/UX Design services is to deliver tactical and practical solutions to enhance discoverability, speed up the purchase process, raise conversion rates, and strike the appropriate chords with the target audience. Because our team understands the relevance of the customer's needs and each lifecycle step, we are capable of designing Prototypes, Banners, Landing Pages, Web Forms, Newsletters, Web Designs, Mobile App Designs, and Business Application Designs, whether for consumers or business users.

Scope of Our UI and UX Design Services

  • UI/UX Mobile App Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI and UX Consulting
  • Cross-Platform Experience Design
  • Branding & Product Design Services
  • Visual & Interactive Design

Work Promise, We Provide

We Build the Value
Productivity & Performance.


We Innovate Ideas, Create the Design
and Implement the Technology


We provide the latest healthcare app services using cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism business is in high demand, and we provide our services to make it easy.


E-commerce is expanding its reach, and we are continuously looking for new methods to stay competitive.


E-learning is becoming increasingly important in the education industry. We provide the E-learning application for enhancement and to build a better life.


Our logistics app assists customers with the process of planning & arranging resources to ensure that they are available when needed, allowing an activity or process to go smoothly.


The hospitality business app is in high demand and aids in the enjoyment of guests, visitors, and strangers.


Insightful Approach &
Events Highlights!

An Engagement Annual Trip With the A to Z Staff
Our holiday outings allow our staff to get to know each other outside the business realm. Apart from the office job experience, it is one of the most amazing times we get to know our teammates closely. We organize this to increase employee involvement & engagement.
Tech Stack Enhancement Training For the Employees
Every month, we intrude on the personal and professional development of our Samcom family. We are happy to assist in the development of intellectual and technological abilities.
Annual Contributions Through Employee Anniversary Rewards
We acknowledge each employee's contribution to the organization's success by commemorating their anniversary. We present the award to our staff as a mark of their contribution to the company's success.
Our Organisation Places a High Priority on Tours & Picnics
We also organize a one-day weekend excursion to a nearby region for the team's amusement. We recognize that in order to enhance job productivity, we must take a break from time to time.
Who is not aware of the Potluck and mini-party gatherings?
Indeed, we also get to participate in numerous potlucks where we experience a range of foods with various flavours of taste. Samcom is not just a place where work is vital, however, we also incorporate various mini-celebrations for our colleagues.
Greetings to the Celebration of Ganeshji Pooja
Traditions are an integral part of our culture. Our organization is thrilled to celebrate one of the most beautiful Indian traditional festivals, Ganeshji Pooja. In our efforts, we consider this celebration to be a problem-solving celebration.
Auspicious Diwali Celebration & Rangoli Contest
Diwali is a fortunate celebration for us. We worship the goddess Devi, and to show our appreciation, we celebrate and arrange a Diwali Pooja with our employees. We organize the rangoli contest to provide additional entertainment.
5 Days of Christmas is a great way to celebrate Christmas
We respect our culture while also celebrating it throughout the festivals. However, we respect our customers' traditions as well. We have a 5-day Christmas celebration with loads of fun events, including Secret Santa.
We Never Miss Our Organisation Anniversary Celebration
On the day our organization was founded, we began our adventure, and today we have achieved amazing success. However, we must appreciate this day in the finest possible way in terms of providing or honoring our organization.
The Importance of Celebrating Employee Birthdays Cannot be Overstated
Greetings and best wishes to each of the team members on their birthdays, and good luck in the future. A birthday celebration makes them happy and makes us happy as well.
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