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OMNES Influencers

OMNES Influencers is the next big marketing platform that enables brands to capitalise on social connections and promote individual-centric conversations and endorsements.

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OMNES Influencers, a joint venture between OMNES Media and Shams Media Services LLC (A Sharjah Media City subsidiary) is an independent Influencer management organisation that harnesses the power of individual influencers, enabling them to connect, network and partner with society, brands and the world at large.

Designed to become the hub of Influencer marketing, OMNES Influencers is built around three pillars of Influencer Marketing: Creating Influencers, Managing Influencers and Promoting Influencers.


To become an influencer marketing hub that fosters collaborations between influencers, brands and society, become a driving force of Influencer marketing.


To create an environment of influencers to inspire, lead and shape society with the power of shared knowledge, endorsements and content-driven solutions. To identify individuals who create high impact conversations with their target followers, to train individuals in becoming influencers and inspiring others and build relationships by engaging, supporting and promoting brands and service

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