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Pari Press

Pari Press is an exciting new writing tool and virtual classroom for graduate and undergraduate students to create beautiful co-authored essays, art exhibitions, and visual presentations.

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Pari is a text editor designed to produce media-rich publications and teaching sites, allowing users to archive and preserve these digital assets. Invite collaborators to live video chat while co-authoring documents or uploading and managing pictures and videos. Easily share and publish beautiful finished works.

Authoring. With collaboration capabilities such as video, chat, comments, media-rich, interactive displays for visual storytelling, Pari allows authors to create stunning ebooks. Its clean, intuitive interface makes it easy to add notes, citations, block quotes, and other academic formatting and styling features. Pari is optimized for the screen, so publications always look professional, and follow WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards.

Publishing. With Pari it’s easier than ever to write a document and share it with others and receive feedback. Or create projects and invite contributors to work together, share media and resources, comment on and edit each other’s work. Finished works can be saved to your Pari archive, exported as epub, or posted on the PariPress eShelf with optional paywall services.

Teaching and Learning. There has been a seismic shift in how people teach and learn as more work is being done remotely. Pari allows faculty to create a project for an online course, upload syllabus, and invite students to join and create projects. Pari offers rich capabilities for student work. It documents and preserves the process, the interactions, and the final products.

Archiving. Pari’s digital archive uses the Google Cloud Platform with guaranteed with virtually no down time and minute by minute backups. From your Pari archive you can reach your audiences in many ways. Share a simple link with a colleague, or allow others to read and comment, download epubs, or static, preservable files to our PariPress Bookshelf with optional pay wall.

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