GraphQL’s single biggest value, despite its many other advantages, is the developer experience it gives. It’s simple to add new kinds and fields to your API, and it’s just as simple for your customers to start using those fields. This allows you to swiftly design, create, and launch features. The declarative style of GraphQL allows you to define a uniform, predictable API that can be used by all of your customers. The API remains unchanged from the client’s perspective as you add, delete, and migrate back-end data storage.

Features of GraphQL

  • GraphQL is more efficient
  • Most suitable for complicated systems & microservices
  • No over-fetching or under-fetching issues
  • A Hierarchical structure
  • Code-sharing and strongly typed protocol

Why choose Samcom As GraphQL Partner

  • Technical Support
  • End To End Service
  • Dedicated Team
  • Satisfied Customers
  • On Time Delivery

GraphQL is only a query language. The server executes database access when a query is requested. When we need to access several fields in a single query, whether in a RESTful architecture or GraphQL, the various resources and fields must still be obtained from a data source. The Samcom team has extensive expertise handling and delivering customer-tailored solutions. 

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